Our Mission

How do you approach life?
Do you simply go with the flow, or do you take control and run it the way you want! 
Do you go all in or not?
Do you follow or take charge and lead? 
Why go through life with no control, no confidence, no lead and simply settle.
We all have the traits and abilities to lead with confidence and have an inner Alpha which to unleash and take on anything life throws your way.
We live by one Motto:
Be Relentless.
What does Relentless mean?
In simple terms it means Doing whatever it takes and not stopping until you achieve whatever it is you want. It is attacking with continuous effort and giving all you have to accomplish and conquer anything.
We are more than an apparel company, we are a movement of  confident individuals. Being Relentless is not a task or thing to do. It is a mindset, a lifestyle, its a way of living.
AlphaCor Athletics was founded on 2016 with a vision to create a Relentless movement of individuals passionate about what they do and choose to never settle. They approach their day with confidence and do whatever it takes until the goal and vision in mind is accomplished. They stop at nothing until that goal is conquered. They are confident individuals that lead by example and grab life by the horns and make their presence be known and felt. They are the Alphas of their life, it is in their Cor and they will Relentlessly do whatever it takes to accomplish it.
We provide more than a product. we provide you the flag, the armor, the feeling of being Relentless with our apparel. The quality, style, design and touch of any of our pieces will unleash that inner Alpha inside you that is screaming to be let out into the world. You will feel more confident, you will perform better and take on anything that dares come your way. You will approach life with control and stop at nothing and conquer anything.
No matter what you do or where you go. There is only one way to live the life you want and that is to…
Be Relentless.